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The Heart Sutra

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Type: T-Shirt
Size: M
Price: 380 $

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Legend: The Heart Sutra is ascribed to Buddha Avalokiteshvara (in the East traditionally pictured in female form). This Sutra teaches us the ways to overcome illusions, life burden and suffering and to know wisdom, happiness, consolation, protections and grace.
Message of the model: protection against suffer, entering the path to wisdom and opening your heart to good acts.
Material: 100% cotton
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric, gold and perl-brown lining paint.
Background: fourfold coloring, complex surface with "soft clouds", "broad pattern" and "neuron" effects.
Main design: Buddha on front and complete text of the Heart Sutra on the backside. Buddha image is painted on the linen fabric with golden spraying using a new technique developed by the author. The edges are burnt to impart the fragment the look of old parchment with shining golden surface. I used golden lining paint on the Buddha image too. The Heart Sutra on the back - fundamental Buddhist text in Sanskrit - is made in contour technique with pearl gleam.

Unique course of satin stich embroidery
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