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Lotus integrating Sky and Earth

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Type: T-Shirt
Size: M
Price: 210 $

To purchase please contact Ann:

Legend: Lotus symbolizes rebirth, growth and purity. Rooted in mud Lotus still remains unsullied and raise from the water appearing beautiful flower.
Material: 100% cotton
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric: brown, green, perl-blue, golden lining paints.
Background: double coloring with complex surface and "broad pattern" and "soft clouds" effects.
Main design: Both on the front and back sides there are lotus images. Front lotus is painted on linen with delicate silver glance with special technique. Image locates close to the middle of chest and spreads through the whole surface of the T-shirt corresponding also with symbolic clouds and water images (glittering blue lining paint).
On the backside you'll find canonical image of the golden lotus resting upon the stormy water with Om mani padme hum mantra in Tibetan script written above.

Unique course of satin stich embroidery
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