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Buddha in the mountains

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Type: T-Shirt
Size: L
Price: 400 $

To purchase please contact Ann:

Legend: Graphical illustration of main ideas of Buddhism.
Material: 100% cotton
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric, golden lining paint (2 types).
Background: fivefold coloring, complex background with "neuron", "broad pattern" and "soft clouds" effects, freesyle watercolor brush drawing.
Main design: It's a real art wok made with very complex technique. Usually it's impossible to use tricot fabric as a base for watercolor painting, though special technique developed for cotton makes it possible.
On the front side there are mountains and Buddha face on complex background. On the backside - Buddha Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan style) made with "patch" technique on linen with golden surface. The whole backside surface is filled with closing lines of the Heart Sutra - gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha both in Sanskrit and English.

Unique course of satin stich embroidery
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