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Blessing and protection

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Type:Shirt & scarf
Size: M
Price: 120 $

To purchase please contact Ann:

Legend: Vishnu - symbol for divine protection and help against the evil - signifies divine presence in every atom in this universe. Classical images present Vishnu with 4 hands holding discus (symbol of cosmic mind), mace (symbol of power), conch shell (symbol of rise of the universe) and lotus (symbol of growth and development).
Material: T-Shirt: 95% cotton, 5% elastane, scarf: 100% synthetic.
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric, golden (3 types) and perl-grey lining paint.
Background: double coloring with "broad pattern" and "soft clouds" effects. Summer daybreak colors: pink for rising sun, blue for sky and green for fresh leaves. Dark spots give additional deepness to the background.
Main design: Graphic image of Vishnu with all his attributes creates complex pattern with numerous details. This classical image on given surface symbolizes divine presence in every moment of our life.
NB: this T-shirt is tight-fitting with defined waist line. Please be careful while wearing it to prevent fabric's worn out and deformation of the pattern.

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