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Heart and Knowledge

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Size: M
Price: 180 $

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Legend: Anahata - heart chakra - opens love energy spreading to the whole world. Hand gestures (mudras) - stimulate certain types of energy. Mudra and canonic image of Anahata chakra are combined in the form of hexapetalous lotus-blossom which means that perception of love and happiness give special knowledge and wisdom. Classical lotus image on the backside on the same level with heart chakra empower one with creative abilities.
Material: 100% cotton
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric, golden (2 types) and perl-grey lining paint.
Background: double coloring with "broad pattern" and "print" effects.
Main design: main design on the center part of the chest is made on linen with golden surface in "patch" technique. Golden contour make vivid contrast with bright red of the flower pattern, both read and gold are perfect eye-catcher. Delicate curving twigs spread to the whole front surface.

Unique course of satin stich embroidery
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