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Type: polo-neck sweater
Size: M
Price: 160 $

To purchase please contact Mary:

Legend: The chrysanthemum flower signifies longevity and life spent in balance. It's the autumn flower, so one of lunar month - the ninth - is called the chrysanthemum month. Chrysanthemum is also peaceful flower and like all the white flowers embodies purity, healing and clarity.
Material: 100% cotton
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric.
Background: white with coloring with heat fixed colors for decorating fabrics. Colors spread on the fabric creating delicate watercolor effect and mystical fuzzy background for clear-cut, legible main design. It's like our life even with uncertain edges giving us sometimes moments of clear knowledge and seeing of possibilities and choices.
Main design: The elegant main design (two chrysanthemum flowers) is made in the graphical technique with heat fixed lining paint for fabrics.

Unique course of satin stich embroidery
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