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Fern Blossom

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Type: T-Shirt
Size: L
Price: 140 $

To purchase please contact Mary:

Legend: According to Russian legends and fairy-tales there is only one night - Midsummer Night - when it is possible to see fern blossoming. And not for everyone is allowed this chance - for it brings the person who sees the flowers any luck and prosperity in life. Other legend says that there are treasures waiting in the ground deep under the blossoming fern - and that special night gives you chance to find them. Wearing the fern T-shirt you having your luck and good fortune always with you, every day and every night!
Material: 100% cotton
Coloring: acrylic paint for fabric.
Background: double-coloring with heat fixed colors for decorating fabrics. Patch effects for complex surface which makes the perfect contrast with the clear-cut main design on the front.
Main design: Fern twig with flowers... But there aren't just flowers - you'll see stars hurrying come back to sky - or are these stars coming down to meet the Earth in that special magic night? Main design is made in the mixed freehand-graphical technique with heat fixed lining paint for fabrics.

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