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About Designers

Anna (Anna Chudnovsky)


It's complicated to answer a simple question about me. Who am I? Artist? Musician? Physicist?
Economist? Psychologist? Fashion designer? Every word is correct.
Both of my parents are mathematicians. They are who started to teach me reading, writing and counting from the age of 3, and sent me to study violin at 5. And I made paintings by myself during all the time.

It was a life without an hour free for myself. I made sketchers on the margins of school notebooks. I read books while I played my violin`s gammas. It wasn't easy, but really fruitful: I developed both analytical and creative lights and opened possibilities to do several processes at the same time.

Being Physicist by first education, Economist by PhD, lecturer and coach, painter and writer - every moment of my life I live creative. Today there are several ways.

1 - Lectures, Coaching and Management science is my profession, the fields of investigations and inventions. Everyone is the best Manager of his own life, and Management science could optimize the process.

2 - Painting and Arts - this is my nature, my breathing. I use it for many purposes, from illustrating my books to making pictures for my management lectures. I use classic techniques and also invent new ways using new materials, new methods and developing new techniques. Painting on fabrics and clothes you can see here.

3 - Personal development - I have 8-year practice as a coach. I've made several programs to help people in self development. People, or Human resources as they called in Management are real treasure of nowadays. Everyone have unique treasures in character and soul, and I dedicate my life to helping people to break their borders, grow personality and open their potential.

4 - Symbols and Religions - I've dedicated about 12 years to studying world religions, reading sacred texts and decoding symbols - from astrology to yoga, from Christianity to Hinduism. It is the greatest internal travelling both for spiritual development and for understanding people and the world.

5 - Design clothes - is the possibility to share my ideas with other people. At first I did it for myself as the way to express my ideas in unique clothes. Then I created several fashion collections, later published in my books. I've experimented on embroidery, knitting and crochet, mixed different techniques.

6 - Crafts - natural way of psychological relaxation. Furthermore it is the best way to have a rest and to create something new the same time. Satin stitch embroidery and crocheting I learned by myself, and knitting at professional courses.

7 - Music - I feel it as a stream of energy. My favorites is Classical, Ethnic, New Age, spiritual music all over the world, I practice meditative dance. Also I play Violin and learning Chinese Guzheng.

8 - Yoga way - it's result of my kung fu education. I plan to practice yoga forever.

9 - Books - I'm the author of 28 published books, 2 in co-author, and about 6 books haven`t been published. My books include titles on popular psychology, development of personality, healthy lifestyle and even satin stitch embroidery.

If you ask me to express my idea in one sentence this is "You are unique, and it's worth to show it".


I'm professional linquist, effective manager, passionate artist, creative communicator and crazy traveler. I speak several languages and each of them is unique universe:

Russian - my native language, my grandfather spoke that language introducing me to the worlds of literature and art. Russian was that my teachers at the Naval School spoke to the students to make them strong for real sea and real life. Also it's an important tool for my later work as an executive.

German - this is my student universe language. Hitch-hiking Europe. Mittelhochdeutsch. Mediaeval music ensemble. Then my working tool. I translate books on ecology, management, economics, history and self-development. [read more]

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