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About Designers


I'm professional linquist, effective manager, passionate artist, creative communicator and crazy traveler. I speak several languages and each of them is unique universe:

Russian - my native language, my grandfather spoke that language introducing me to the worlds of literature and art. Russian was that my teachers at the Naval School spoke to the students to make them strong for real sea and real life. Also it's an important tool for my later work as an executive.

German - this is my student universe language. Hitch-hiking Europe. Mittelhochdeutsch. Mediaeval music ensemble. Then my working tool. I translate books on ecology, management, economics, history and self-development.

Esperanto - I love this language and learned it for it's powerful idea. My tool to create and organize events and festivals on international level.

English - my social language. I travel around the world and lived in many different countries. Using English I build social networks bringing together people from different cultures.

Chinese - at the moment my favorite language. Key to oriental culture. Space for learning experiments, techniques implementation and self- motivation.

Painting - international language that I use to express ideas, forms and feelings when spoken languages are not enough... Symbols, Mandalas, Ethnic, Yoga, Religion ideas - that all find it's way to be presented by me on clothes, fabrics, paper, canvas, glass and other materials and different forms and sizes.

Yoga - is my language to speak through my body with the whole universe. Yoga make me feel creative, full of energy. Yoga led me to such a wonderful places as India (Mysore and many other places) and Nepal and gave me chances to meet wonderful friends all other the world.

If you ask me to express my values in a single sentence, I'll think couple seconds and tell you my motto which sounds very simple: "Help others to find their own way to personal growth and opportunities". I'll be happy to share my experiences with you and hope you'll find this journey inspiring and useful.

Anna (Anna Chudnovsky)


It's complicated to answer a simple question about me. Who am I? Artist? Musician? Physicist?
Economist? Psychologist? Fashion designer? Every word is correct.
Both of my parents are mathematicians. They are who started to teach me reading, writing and counting from the age of 3, and sent me to study violin at 5. And I made paintings by myself during all the time.

It was a life without an hour free for myself. I made sketchers on the margins of school notebooks. I read books while I played my violin`s gammas. It wasn't easy, but really fruitful: I developed both analytical and creative lights and opened possibilities to do several processes at the same time.

Being Physicist by first education, Economist by PhD, lecturer and coach, painter and writer - every moment of my life I live creative. Today there are several ways. [read more]

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