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77+1 facts about me

1. I was born on January 8, 1971 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
2. My family was not rich. To achieve anything we had to work hard and employ our talents, insistence and ability to override emotions when needed. We never gave up whatever hard times might be. This quality helped me to become a person I am now.
3. When I was 5, my mom sent me to learn music at the music school. Thanks to my good ear for music I got into the violin class and have been learning violin for next 9 years. Now I play some guzheng (Chinese harp).
4. I always knew I would become an artist. I drew everywhere: in school notebooks, on paper scraps:I also were making up stories about those drawn characters. Later many of those sketches became basis for my paintings, other were presented, and some still wait for their turn.
5. From childhood I take a great interest in the history and art of ancient Egypt, India and China.

6. When I was 12, I carved my first wooden sculpture. Piece of wood I found on occasion was awfully hard, my father's knife - too sharp, and once it slid down. I had to hide the cut from my mom, but anyway it was really great - with own hands to realize my idea in withstanding material.

7. School was a cheerless charge. I wasn't good student, never was really close with the schoolmates, always busy with only one dream - to have one free hour I could read. However during three last years at school I set to work, pulled up all the disciplines, won prize-winning places on 3 mathematics competitions and studied at the preparatory courses in medical institute.

8. At the university I studied vector and tensor geometry, mathematical analysis, theoretical mechanics, quantum physics, atomic physics, wave process and vibration theories and many other similar disciplines. So my first Master's degree I got in physics.

9. For 7 years I practiced Wushu, Karate and Wing Chun kung fu. I still have a small collection of training swords I never part with.
10. When I was 22 I started working as executive director of the company "RIMT (Research, Information, Management, Training)", it was my first experience with the business world.
11. At the age of 29 I became PhD in Economics, and at 30 - completed school of art directions, advertising and PR.
12. I'm the author of 26 published books, (2 in joint authorship), and 6 still waiting to be published. All these 32 books I wrote during several years full of self-discipline and hard work. Sometimes I had to write 14-16 hours a day to archive the result.
13. Besides that I intent to publish 14-books series about self-improvement and personal development. At the moment 2 of them are ready.
14. I illustrate for my books using my elaborated style and characters. The shortest of my books contains 32 illustrations.
15. I never planned an academic career, but suddenly I was offered to do this job. My lectures were very popular and I liked my students, so within a short time I was promoted to the position of Head of Management Department. I teach management, organization theory and management system analysis.
16. I can write with both right and left hand, the left is the leading one, but the right is one I am accustomed to. I tried to paint with both hands at the same time, drawing different patterns. It's a good practice, but I'm still too lazy to develop it.
17. I often don't know what date or day of the week is today, and have to ask computer and organizer for help.
18. I'm INTP in Myers-Briggs type indicator (Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perception).
19. I love analysis, for me it's the best way to understand things, people and developments.
20. Digits and calculations come very hard to me. You could ask haw is that possible for mathematician. But mathematicians don't deal with digit. We deal with symbols.
21. Obviously most of the tests are not for me. I had to finish IQ-test on fifth question. I don't know either good or bad was my result, and truly I don't want to know it. I hate the idea that people can be judged with all this junk.
22. I love books and read very fast. During total deficiency time I had to finish book until next morning when I needed to give it back.
23. Internet is a big part of my life. Even during vacations I like sitting in the sunset on the warm stone beach with my netbook. It gives me feeling of freedom and spaciousness. Most important thing is to have a battery fully charged and fast WiFi available.
24. I do Chinese style satin stitch embroidery, I also like knitting and crocheting. Crocheting and embroidery I've learnt by myself. All samples and clothes with embroidered fragments are my handwork. To make satin stitch embroidery technique more clear, I scanned all intermediate results.
Ravelry 25. My hardest experience is learning how to knit. I'm still not always concentrated enough, and have problem with calculation, so I usually avoid complex patterns. From time to time I create new designs for knitted clothes, embroidery and develop new methods of fabric coloring. All I knit is extremely simple.
26. I enjoy looking at official suits, clear silhouettes and high heels. But personally I prefer to wear comfortable clothes which let the body to move naturally.
27. I love traditional oriental costumes: sari, kimono, aosai.
28. Black and white are my favorite colors, I also like colors of clouds and sea.
29. I'm an ultimate jeans fan! I have great number of them for any occasion and in any color. Stretch jeans are truly a God's gift of the perfect wear.
30. I hardly can bear hair gels and lacquers, and don't like hairdo procedure itself. Therefore I like beautiful hair slides, both modern and classic.
31. As for the jewellery, I prefer seashells, stones, wood, steel, plastic and glass.

32. I love cats of any kind! Tiger is my favorite wild animal.
33. I like Nature and documentary about it. I contribute at WWF.
34. I'm a strict vegetarian with a big sympathy to raw food diet and veganism. That cost me a lot of effort to over-
come my previous habits and settle and keep the healthy diet. But its results are really significant, so I'm keeping it up!
35. I like the light feeling of Vietnamese cuisine. Flavoured rice, accompanied by different vegetables are my favorites.
36. I like milk-flavored oolong, and I also drink invigorating Long Jing (Dragon's well) tea in the morning. I drink skim milk and don't take any alcohol.
37. I cook only simple food. Sometimes I cook for my quests, sometimes - to satisfy creative curiosity. But most of the time I'm just lazy.
38. I don't smoke.
39. I like chocolate cakes, that means a loooot of chocolate! My perfect cake is dark-brown, almost black, fresh and divine aromatic. It tastes simply great - and I know two or three secret places to buy it!
40. I practice yoga. I like sitting in the armchair with my legs tacked up.
41. As for the music, I like New Age, Ambient Chill, Ethnic, Classic.
42. I like books and bookstores, especially when there are some cozy corners and WiFi access.
43. I like science fiction and fantasy by English and American authors, Japanese and Chinese historical and philosophical novels. I also like feature movies about history of England, Japan, China and India. Most of my favorite books I can re-read many times.
44. Sometimes I struggle to get me out of the house and go to gym or just for a walk. Some people say I can't relax, and it seems to be true.
45. I love sea more than anything else. It is the only place I feel at home. Especially I like seashore with rocks and little stones.
46. I can look at sea and sky for hours. Night sky full of stars gives me feeling of boundless freedom. In these moments I can feel galaxies moving around and thousands of suns shining - this is my freedom, space and happiness! No wonder that I prefer the company of several friends over the big noisy crowd.
47. I don't like speaking on the phone, especially with someone I don't know. So I avoid this as much as possible. I prefer to use Skype in type-mode.
48. Long live Internet! You can just write me directly or create new topic in the Forum. Forum is a fabulous chance to unite a lot of people by sharing joy and sadness, by playing games and solving problems together. I really like this kind of communication!
49. In real life I don't have many friends, but all of them are real friends! Now many of them live in different countries - China, UK, Germany, US - but we always keep in touch. Once again - long live Internet!
50. I very seldom watch TV. Mostly there are some cultural programs and documentaries by National Geographic and BBC.
51. I like listening to people telling about their experience and sharing achievements. I can provide psychological support, but only if one is ready to apply his own energy to his development.
52. I'm a objective-oriented person, I make my own independent decisions. If once planned, project must be accomplished! So I optimize all the ways to achieve my goal and can work forgetting about everything.
53. I write easily and often make pictures to illustrate my idea.

54. For me dance is both yoga and meditation. I like using traditional Chinese fans and Indian foot bells while I dance. Although I like the look of decorative belts and bangles for dancer, but I can't stand all these heavy things on me.
55. I can feel color. I hear music of the color and imbibe its power, living on the energy of color and rhythm. That is how movement and balance appear.
56. What is so special in my new painting technique ? When it's on canvas, it's impossible to change anything. This makes art closer to the real life.
57. I start painting only when I feel right mood for it. Sometimes I forget words andI live in non-words-world for a while. My best paintings were done in such moments.
58. I often see my future book, painting or project as sudden flash of light. Then it comes to realization, integration into my life and incarnating. It's long process that demands a lot of energy and can take several years.
59. I studied astrology, symbols and sacred texts of most world religions, as well as their art and philosophy. It all because I deeply needed to know it.
60. I am a typical Capricorn, combination of Earth and Water. People of our kind like to take too much work and always get at the heart of the matter. We are consistent, professional and always keep our promises. Of course there are some minuses: as compared to emotional, cheerful people with easy temper we give impression of non-communicative, cold, formal, even hard people. This is our nature - judge us by our deeds and not by our surface.
61. I believe partnership and mutual respect is the best foundation. To find such a partner really is a good fortune.
62. I try not to repeat mistakes - neither mine nor other people's.
63. I think there is no failure, there is only valuable experience. One always can raise and go forward.
64. I like theory combined with practice. If theory is at variance with practice, it is not useful, this theory should be verified.
65. I can't stand discrimination, falsity and people who try to archive something at somebody else's expense.
66. I always find time to support women trying to develop their creative potential and feel happy to see their successes. One of the best examples of this kind of woman is the English author J. K. Rowling. Well done! She made it despite everything!
67. I think personal development has a highest priority. We develop ourselves overcoming our everyday problems. That's why I try to help people in their personal development, help them to be active and happy.
68. I respect any form of professionalism.
69. I feel happy while looking at dedicated people realizing their potential. It makes me feel sure about this world's future.
70. During last 15 years I've been creating my own personal development system. By using it one can find best solutions, understand situation, find best possible start for actions and choose right moment.
71. I'm ready to fight for freedom, against my own weaknesses also.
72. I value time and feel that every project has its perfect moment. I often embroider or knit in the plane, transforming hours into a real things. That helps especially when flight is delayed.
73. Usually I run several projects at the same time. Every accomplished one gives me energy for new beginnings. That's why I always get my projects done and ready to move forward.
74. I know what my life mission is, and I intent to complete it. Thanks to my inherent abilities, learning potential and continuous work I'm moving forward. But there is still one thing to learn - have a rest from time to time.
75. I have my own spiritual experiences. If you'll ask me what religion am I closer to, my answer will be Buddhism.
76. 7,8, 9 and their combinations are always appear on my way: birth date, address, phone numbers.
77. That's why eventually there are not 100 but 77 facts about me here.
78. Anyway I like 78 more! There is something cheerful in it!

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