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Ann-Mary Mission

Ann-Mary is the name of group created by two professionals to help people in developing their capabilities, to support them to grow their personalities and live healthy, happy and free life.

We've united our energies to:
  1. provide "energy-saving knowledge" from our professional experience to optimize your life and save your energy to other important things.
  2. help you to break internal barriers
  3. expand your personal limits
  4. develop personality and share ideas
  5. provide ideas how to live interesting, healthy, happy life
Also we are two artists creating individual clothing in different styles (batik, freeform, acryl).
We are supporting and realizing ideas of freedom, creativity and individual self-expression. Every human being is unique, and we're helping people to disclose their very special personality and find new ways to effect their social life and spirituality.
We are deeply respecting traditional arts of every country of our planet and trying to integrate its achievements and treasures into a modern life. In our collections we are combining comfort of casual style and beauty of traditional culture in modern way of thinking.

Unique course of satin stich embroidery
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Travel and create with us - now online!

We support WWF

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